Bidwa & Asprey ‘One Stitch at a Time Collection’

‘One Stitch at a Time’ is an exclusive collection of luxury handbags that was a result of an exciting collaboration between Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council and ‘Asprey’ in 2016. This partnership with the British Luxury label is yet another example of how ‘Bidwa’ continues to support and empower women economically and socially, through incorporating traditional designs in contemporary products that appeal to a wide range of groups and ages.
Since 1781, Asprey has defined luxury with its line of handbags and leather goods that are recognised for their unique style, unsurpassed quality, and innovative design. Incorporating the Emirati embroidery style ‘Talli’ in Asprey’s products continues their tradition of using only the finest materials and strong craft heritage in their luxury goods.
The first limited edition collection was produced by skilled craftswomen from Dibba Al Hisn in Sharjah. Braided by 23 ‘Bidwa’ women over 3 months, the collection features the intricate art of Talli in bespoke designs and highly detailed patterns.
Each of these stunning limited edition luxury handbags offers combines an appreciation for heritage and a high level of craftsmanship in a way that truly captures the best of Emirati and British design.

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