Siwa Creations: Empowering Women Artisanship in Egypt

For generations, Siwan women have produced textiles of extraordinary beauty and artistic design,embroidered hand-woven cotton, leather moiré and linen from Upper Egypt.

in 2001, and with the growing decline of Siwan artisanship, the Environmental Quality International (EQI) established Siwa Creations which aims to empower Siwan women through the development and sale of their exquisite embroidery on garments, accessories and fabrics. With humble beginning of 5 elderly Siwan women training 50 participants in the traditional techniques of embroidery, to more than 300 Siwan artisans participating today.

This programme ensures that women enjoy financial independence, and enables their social empowerment in society. It also positions their crafts in global fashion markets with examples of product showcases in Rome, Milan, Paris & London.

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